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Heart Shaped Balloon by Steven Zwirn
Field of Color
Giraffe by Steven Zwirn

revolving worlds

Heart Shaped Balloon, Acrylic, 19x19
Field of Color, Acrylic, 17x17
Giraffe, Mix Media, 19x19, 57x57x16
Revolving Workds, Acrylic, 27x27
Starlight, Acrylic, 27x30
A sacred heart
Blue and Pink tower
weeping clown
Triangle Diamonds
A Sacred Heart / Acrylic / 27x27 Patterns / Acrylic / 16x16 Blue and Pink Tower / Mixed Media / 47x21 Weeping Clown / Acrylic / 16x16 Triangle Diamonds / Acrylic / 27x23
faces of Eve
pulp reality
Masks and diamonds
Rush Hour by Steven Zwirn
jeweled hands
Faces of Eve / Mixed Media / 27x27 Pulp Reality 101 / Acrylic / 27x27 Cat of Diamonds / Acrylic / 19x39 "Rush Hour " / Acrylic / 24x20 Jeweled Hands / Mixed Media / 27x27
Blue Butterflies by Steven Zwirn
Diamond Blast
Dark Gems by Steven Zwirn
Bird Cage by Steven Zwirn
Butterflies/ Mixed Media / 34 x 28 x 4" Diamond Blast / Mixed Media / 52x40 Dark Gems / Mixed Media / 44x20 Spikes of Orange / Mixed Media / 52x40 Bird Cage / Mixed Media / 40x40
True Love by Steven Zwirn
Birds of Paradise
color flow with dark crystals
True Love / Mixed Media / 27x27 Birds of Paradise / Acrylic / 19x23 Color Flow / Mixed Media / 44x20 Yellow Orange / Acrylic / 50x38 Pathways / Acrylic / 27x27
Reflection and Ripples by Steven Zwirn
Rythm in Color by Steven Zwirn
Borders of Color / Acrylic / 24x24 Gem Light / Acrylic / 33x27 Reflection / Mixed Media / 40x20 Rythm in Color / Acrylic / 52x40 Rhino /Mixed Media / 27x27
LOVE by Steven Zwirn
Global Warming
Stars and Hearts
Patterns of Color by Steven Zwirn
LOVE LIFE / Mixed Media / 52x40 Global Warming / Acrylic / 22x18 Stars and Hearts/ Mixed Media / 48x12 Patterns of Color/ Acrylic / 36x24 3D Ball / Mixed Media / 27x27
Forever Indian Blue to You Diamonds are Forever by Steven Zwirn Heart to Heart Yellow, Blue and More
Forever Indian / Acrylic / 16x12 Blue to You / Mixed Media / 14x14 Art Deco / Mixed Media / 40x28 Heart to Heart / Mixed Media / 14x14 Yellow Blue & More / Acrylic / 16x12
Moods Heres looking at you by Steven Zwirn Whic Way To Go Roman Candle by Steven Zwirn Metalic Eyes
Moods / Acrylic / 14x14 Here's Looking at You / Mixed Media / 33x27x2 Which Way to Go / Acrylic / 51x39 Roman Candle / Acrylic / 52x40 Metalic Eyes / Mixed Media / 14x14
Southwest Earth Angel by Steven Zwirn Floral Vases by Steven Zwirn Volcano by Steven Zwirn Love by Steven Zwirn
Southwest / Mixed Media / 38x38x11 Earth Angel / Mixed Media / 38x38x4 Floral Vases / Mixed Media/ 40x40x6 Volcano / Acrylic / 43x33 Wings of Love / Mixed Media / 40x52
Pretty in Pink by Steven Zwirn Inspiration by Steven Zwirn Dream Love Laugh by Steven Zwirn Faith Hope Dream Mellow Yellow by Steven Zwirn
Pretty in Pink / Mixed Media / 52x40 Inspiration / Mixed Media/ 52x40x4 Dream Love Laugh / Mixed Media / 64x32x1 * Faith Hope Dream / Mixed Media / 14x11x1 Mellow Yellow / Mixed Media / 52x40
Purple Blast by Steven Zwirn Points of Interest by Steven Zwirn Vectors by Steven Zwirn Life by Steven Zwirn For Sarah and Denise by Steven Zwirn
Purple Blast / Mixed Media / 52x40 Points of Interest / Mixed Media / 22.5 x 22.5 Vectors / Mixed Media / 27x14x7 Life / Mixed Media / 27x27 For Sarah and Denise, Mixed Media, 52x40
Kiss Me Baby by Steven Zwirn   Peace & Love by Steven Zwirn The Noth Star by Steven Zwirn
Rainbow / Mixed Media / 23 x 23 x 1"

Kiss Me Baby / 3D Mixed Media /
33.5 x 27.5 x 2"

  Peace & Love / 3D Mixed Media / 40x52x2" The North Star / Mixed Media / 27x27x3"
  video clips  
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